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textwall plans and pricing

Predominantly targeted towards teaching and learning, our education sector clients enjoy preferential rates, however, we also set up textwalls for conferences and events upon request. Please contact us to find out our non-education sector textwall pricing.

Prices for education sector textwalls are listed opposite along with example non-education prices. For other pricing including unlimited textwalls contact us.


To get started, please fill in our online form so that we can get your textwall up and running as quickly as possible.

textwall pricing

  • 1 - textwall for £35 per year
  • 4 - textwalls for £125 per year
  • 10 - textwalls for £250 per year
  • 25 - textwalls for £450 per year
  • Non-education event - a single textwall for non-education events £45 per event
  • Non-education annual - a single textwall for mutiple events £125 per year

buying SMS credits

If you use your textwall for sending sms messages, you will need to purchase sms credits. We don't put any mark-up on the price of text message credits, we pay 5p per text message and that's what you pay.

contact us via our contact page for further information